What to Expect with Our Tree Removal Process


  1. Call to set up an appt for estimate:
  2. We gather your information and schedule a time to visit the property.
  3. Free Estimate: There will be a walkthrough with one of our specialists so that you can indicate what work you would like to have done. They will also provide you with reliable feedback on cost-saving solutions.
  4. Contract: Once you decide to move forward with us, we will request you sign our estimate so that we may schedule your job along with other work in the area. This will now be our contract. Work performed. Depending on the scope of work, your job may be completed on the same day it starts. There may also be stump grinding, logging, and other additional services which are typically completed 48-72 hours after the bigger job is completed.
  5. Payment: For your convenience and safety, we accept different forms of payment:
  • Checks made out to Squirrel Tree Services
  • Credit card payments. Please contact our office directly. We do not save any of your personal payment information.
  • Cash. Please contact our office directly for directions. For your safety and ours, cash payments are authorized via the main office to specific crew members. Sales reps do not collect cash payments on behalf of Squirrel Receipts can be provided via the main office.


Our Company

Squirrel Tree Services, Inc. provides exceptional service to Georgia residents in part because we have more than 10 years of experience in tree removal and general maintenance for both residential and commercial areas.

We strive to provide a high level of service while also providing very accessible prices! Our professional team is fully capable of assisting you to solve your concerns when it comes to:

  • Trees that are jeopardizing your home, or have been damaged by a recent storm.
  • You feel your home is in danger of a nearby tree that shows signs of decay or disease.
  • You want professionals to help you with the aesthetics of your property. This is the moment to call us. Satisfied clients are the foundation of our success!
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